Maryland APA

The Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association

Welcome to the Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association's Website. Our mission is to make great communities happen in Maryland by offering continuing professional development and other valuable services to our members that will enable them to excel in their practice. We advocate for excellence in planning, promoting education and citizen empowerment, and providing our members with the tools and support necessary to meet the challenges of growth and change. We hold a bi-annual conference, produce a quarterly newsletter, offer continuous opportunities to network, and experience new and varied educational opportunities across the state.


The Maryland Chapter of APA works closely with the Emerging Planners Group. 

In 2014, the Young Planners Group of the Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association was reinvisioned to be inclusive of planners from all walks of life—whether a recent graduate, a professional amid career transition, or an experienced planner who’s new to Maryland—the new Emerging Planners Group (EPG) was born. EPG is a community. We strive to create a network for engaging and supporting planners and demonstrating the value of planning throughout Maryland. EPG’s mission is to establish and strengthen relationships among local planning professionals (with both peers and with established professionals), prepare emerging planners for their careers, and offer opportunities to engage and otherwise support new planners throughout Maryland. The Bylaws, which can be found below, were created to guide EPG in this mission.  

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