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The Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association

Welcome to the Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association's Website. Our mission is to make great communities happen in Maryland by offering continuing professional development and other valuable services to our members that will enable them to excel in their practice. We advocate for excellence in planning, promoting education and citizen empowerment, and providing our members with the tools and support necessary to meet the challenges of growth and change. We hold a biennial conference, produce a regular newsletter, and offer regular educational and networking opportunities to our members across the state.


Planning for Maryland’s Future: Adapting to Climate Change to Secure Health and Prosperity

f you’re paying attention to the news this week, you’ll read stories on the latest findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  I’ll simplify it for you.  World leaders are rightfully calling for a transformation of unprecedented scale because the window is narrowing.  Adapting to meet these challenges will require a climate smart workforce featuring updated job skills, informed decision-making and new decision-support tools.

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Farm Alcohol Producers

The Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association held an event at The Old Westminster Winery in Westminster, MD on Wednesday, September 26th from 6-8PM. Speaker Brenda Dinne joined us to discuss Farm Alcohol Producers in Carroll County. The presentations have generously been offered by others to view.

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35th Annual MPCA Conference

Where is a Planning Commissioner or a member of a Board of Zoning Appeals member to go when seeking training and guidance on this critical issue? A great place to start is the Planning Commissioner Training Course, created following the Smart and Sustainable Growth Act of 2009. The course, available both online and in person at the Maryland Municipal League (MML), Maryland Association of Counties (MACo), and Maryland Planning Commissioners Association (MPCA) conferences (as well as on demand for interested jurisdictions), contains modules on Planning 101, Comprehensive Planning, and Smart Growth in Maryland.  It is an excellent first step, but what about the citizen planner who wants to take the next step? This is where the MPCA offers help.

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APA Maryland Chapter Election Information

On March 15, APA-Maryland began our call for nominations for our 2018 election cycle.  APA-Maryland’s elections are now held in concert with the National APA election cycle, and are administered by APA-National. Because of a recent change in the APA-Maryland bylaws, we now have staggered two-year terms for all of our officers. This year we will be holding elections for the positions of Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers elected to each of these positions will be in office for two years, from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020. 

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Bikemore Community Bike Tool Station

I first identified that my West Baltimore neighborhood needed a community Bike Tool station after I met some of my neighbors riding their bikes on flat tires. I lent them my tools and then realized that there isn't a nearby bike shop where you can access an air pump; Most neighborhood bike shops let you pump up for free. These new friends of mine have bikes, they just don't have tools. That's when I started planning to get a bike tool station installed in my West Baltimore neighborhood. Identifying the needs of this project was paramount to ensuring that it could come to fruition.

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