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The Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association

Welcome to the Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association's Website. Our mission is to make great communities happen in Maryland by offering continuing professional development and other valuable services to our members that will enable them to excel in their practice. We advocate for excellence in planning, promoting education and citizen empowerment, and providing our members with the tools and support necessary to meet the challenges of growth and change. We hold a bi-annual conference, produce a quarterly newsletter, offer continuous opportunities to network, and experience new and varied educational opportunities across the state.


AICP Certification Exam Guide

The AICP Exam Guide is a downloadable PDF document that contains all the information you need to apply for and take the AICP Certification Exam.

Below is the Guide's table of contents. Click on a title to be taken directly to the page of the PDF where that information may be found. Please note: If your web browser is configured to open PDF files in Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Professional rather than in a browser tab or window, you will be taken to the cover of the PDF and not to the specific page in the PDF that is linked below.

General Information

  • American Planning Association
  • AICP Certified Planners
  • Prometric

Introduction to the AICP Certification Exam

AICP Certification Eligibility Requirements

Application Process

  • Application Process Overview
  • Early-Bird Application Window
  • Application Lifespan (Returning Applicants)
  • Incomplete Applications
  • Denied Applications
  • Important Information for Previously Denied Applicants
  • Appeals
  • Candidates Outside of the United States and Canada
  • Additional Application Information
  • Application Status Key
  • Lapsed AICP Members
  • Demonstrating Professional Planning Experience on the Application
  • Does My Experience Qualify?
  • General Instructions
  • Professional Planning Experience Criteria
    • Criterion 1
    • Criterion 2
    • Criterion 3
  • Part Time Experience
  • Non-Traditional Professional Planning Experience
  • Experience in Related Fields or Professions

Verifications of Employment And Education

  • Employment Verification Letters
  • Education Verifications

Application Tips

Scheduling Test Appointments

  • Test Center Locations
  • Where to Take the Examination
  • Scheduling Your Examination Appointment

Transfers and Appointment Changes

  • Changes to Your Test Appointment (within the same exam window)
  • Transfers to the Next Exam Window
  • No Show Policy
  • If You Never Schedule an Appointment
  • Refunds

Day of Exam

  • Identification Requirements
  • Acceptable Differences in ID
  • At the Test Center
  • Testing Procedures
  • Computer-based Examination Tutorial
  • Reporting Test Center Irregularities
  • Some Notes on Computer-based Testing
  • Examination Logistics
  • Exit Survey
  • Candidate Misconduct

Scoring the Examination

  • Score Validity Review
  • Score Reports
  • Diagnostic Scores
  • Equating
  • Scaling
  • Reliability
  • Standard Error of Measurement
  • If You Have a Complaint
  • If You Retake the Examination
  • AICP Membership & Dues

Applicant Criterion Response Checklist